SKALE Validator

The SKALE Network is a high-throughput, low-latency, configurable byzantine fault-tolerant sidechain network for the Ethereum blockchain. Or, in short, an Elastic Side-chain Network.

The SKALE Network has a set of validators securing the network. Validators provide computation power to the SKALE Network via deploying nodes. The collection of validators and the node(s) they spin up represent the entire validator network that performs work for SKALE Chains (Elastic Side chain aka SKALE Chain).

SKALE Chains in the network are operated by a group of virtualized sub-nodes selected from a subset of nodes (validators) in the network and are run on all or a subset (multi-tenancy) of each node’s computation and storage resources.

As each node in the network continues to participate in their assigned  SKALE Chains, they are awarded bounties based upon their performance at the end of each network epoch. Each node will be monitored by their peer nodes.

When an Elastic Sidechain has reached the end of its lifetime, the resources (computation, storage) of its virtualized subnodes will be freed so that validator nodes may participate in newly created Elastic Sidechains.

SKALE launches a decentralized validator run DevNet and it is run by the ecosystems top POS (Proof of Stake) validators. Interested in helping the SKALE Network grow? Apply to become a SKALE Validator: